MicroStrategy Announces Building Decentralised ID on Bitcoin

The company is building on Bitcoin in addition to acquiring as many coins as possible.

Michael Saylor, MicroStrategy’s co-founder and executive chairman, announced the Orange protocol and decentralised IDs at the MicroStrategy World conference in Las Vegas.

The protocol will utilise inscriptions to provide digital identities on Bitcoin.

MicroStrategy Eyes Optimising Bitcoin’s Trust

Saylor came on stage at roughly the 1:12 mark on the live-streamed conference.

He explained that a store of value and a medium of exchange were not the only two core values of Bitcoin. Saylor stated that trust is essential to the network, and MicroStrategy had been working on a protocol.

The bitcoin bull began explaining how popular platforms used today, such as X, Facebook, YouTube etc, cannot be trusted, with him referencing the fake accounts of him circulating and being created daily.

However, he suggested that Bitcoin could solve today’s centralised options, revealing MicorStrategy’s project.

Why Are Decentralised IDs Needed?

Saylor added that these centralised platforms could go down at any moment, or individuals could be banned by the hierarchy or court order.

These events have been witnessed in the past, with individuals becoming de-platformed.

“What if there was an orange check? What if there was a cyber passport that you got once in your life, and it was based on public-private key cryptography that you could take with you? If I paid a nickel for it or a penny for it, and it was anchored into an immutable unstoppable incorruptible network,” Saylor stated.

MicroStrategy is using Bitcoin’s decentralised and trustless fundamentals to build an ID system that cannot be tampered with by any individual on Earth.

Using Bitcoin, individuals could be verified for a lifetime at a low cost. Saylor referenced the subscription plans on X and other platforms to obtain a tick as to how decentralised IDs could blow the competition out of the water.

The Orange protocol will allow decentralised digital identifiers to be built on Bitcoin, which consists of Orange Services, Orange SDK, and Orange Apps.

Orange will facilitate building dApps for web, mobile, and desktop on Bitcoin.

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