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When miners earn Bitcoin, you earn Bitcoin.


You are a hosting company who wants to offer the benefits of 1024Mining to your clients and earn commission.

You are registered as a company or self employed.

You should be able to bring several thousand users a month at a minimum.

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This is a flat rate and applies to any number of miners you bring.



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After I buy a product, I recommend users to register 1%of the purchase of goods as a reward

Vip 1

Transaction withinthe past 30 days≥1000 USDT

1.Invite users to complete KYC> 10 people
2.complete team KPI≥ 1000 USDT

Vip 2

Transaction withinthe past 30 days≥5000 USDT

1.Invite users to complete KYC> 30 people
2.complete team KPI≥ 5000 USDT

Vip 3

Transaction withinthe past 30 days≥20000 USDT

1.Invite users to complete KYC> 100 people
2.complete team KPI≥20000 USDT

Vip 4

Transaction withinthe past 30 days≥50000 USDT

1.Invite users to complete KYC> 150 people
2.complete team KPI≥ 50000 USDT

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